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Do you want to earn free tickets for your favorite festival, meet your idol or even have your own lockable dixi toilet on a festival? Become an ambassador for one of our festivals now. Pick your favorite festival just by clicking on the logo below and sign up for one or more of our programs.

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References & Quotes

Ambassador Julius

I love to get in touch with new people while expanding my group! We all have an even bigger experience on the festival ground!

Julius (23), Ambassador
Fynn Luca

I want to get new friends and I like to educate people about the event and music I love!

Fynn Luca (21), Ambassador
Ambassador Sonja

Free tickets and crazy experiences are a big plus for me. My festival experience has become so much better!

Sonja (23), Ambassador
Ambassador Eva

Being an ambassador allows me to make connections with other like minded individuals, provide exclusive perks and also learn from professionals in the industry! I love it!

Eva (24), Ambassador
Ambassador Martin

Since I joined the ambassador program I don’t want to miss it anymore. I’m not only an ambassador for the rewards but to share my passion: the festivals and the music with the people. Through the ambassador program I met amazing people that I can now call friends.

Martin (24), Ambassador from Austria
Ambassador Jonas

For me the ambassador program offers a better experience at the festival. Becoming an ambassador means becoming a (small) part of the festival. You connect with many different people and get a look behind the scenes, which is amazing for everyone who‘s into music and festivals. For me being an ambassador is way more than just selling cheaper tickets to my friends, it’s about connecting with people and partying together.

Jonas (24), Ambassador