Turn word of mouth
marketing into your
best sales channel

Get your biggest fans to sell tickets to their friends in exchange for rewards.

only pay for the sales your fans make

It´s free to get started and you´ll only pay for the sales your fans make.

build a stronger brand
by working with your
biggest fans

Empower the fans who love what you do to spread the word and sell tickets to their friends.

About Fiesta

We are Fiesta.
We take it offline.

Fiesta is an ambassador program tool that allows event organizers to empower their superfans to sell tickets for their favorite events. In addition to its ticket-selling capabilities, Fiesta also helps build a community among event attendees and ambassadors. By providing a platform for communication and engagement, Fiesta encourages meaningful interactions and promotes a sense of belonging among members of the event community.
By utilizing Fiesta, organizers can foster stronger relationships with their guests. In exchange for their efforts, ambassadors are rewarded with perks such as free tickets or exclusive „money can’t buy experiences.“

Recruit your biggest fans

Create a recruitment page that looks and feels like your brand, then sign fans up to your program and get them selling to their friends.

Empower your ambassadors

Give your fans all the tools they need to sell tickets to their friends. With our platform fans can make sales and work towards rewards all in one place.

Reward ticketsales from your community

Our reward shop will encourage the best performance from your fans and retain them year by year.

Optimize your marketing Strategy

Get the Tools you need to build a long lasting community, activate new audiences and sell more tickets.
Word of mouth marketing is different.

Build a stronger brand
by working with your biggest fans.

Customers are great. But do you know what’s better? Superfans. Superfans are not only top-tier customers, purchasing from you regularly. They’re evangelists, publicly praising your brand to their friends and family. In this blog post, we’re going to share some tips and tactics for turning your average customers into an army of Superfans.

Turn customers into superfans

Superfans pushing sales

Superfans win customers

Only pay for the sales your fans make.

Fiesta Features

Your Biggest Fans.

Build your brand!

Ambassadors are more connected to your brand!

community access!

Communicate with your fans and get direct feedback!

Increase your sales!

We are here to help every Ambassador to reach the next level!

No risk!

No fixed fees! We love transparency!

Get access to your community!

Success Stories

Fine Folks
We Work with.

References & Quotes

Ambassador Julius

I love to get in touch with new people while expanding my group! We all have an even bigger experience on the festival ground!

Julius (23), Ambassador
Daniel, CEO Musical Madness GmbH

Being in direct contact with our community is one of our major secrets to success, not only to receive feedback, but also to create a special feeling of togetherness.
Together with FIESTA, we’re able to offer a unique ambassador experience, including the opportunity to let our community contribute to their favorite brands and events.
Teamwork makes the dream work (cheesy but true)!

Daniel, CEO Musical Madness
Fynn Luca

I want to get new friends and I like to educate people about the event and music I love!

Fynn Luca (21), Ambassador
Ambassador Sonja

Free tickets and crazy experiences are a big plus for me. My festival experience has become so much better!

Sonja (23), Ambassador
Ambassador Eva

Being an ambassador allows me to make connections with other like minded individuals, provide exclusive perks and also learn from professionals in the industry! I love it!

Eva (24), Ambassador
Ambassador Martin

Since I joined the ambassador program I don’t want to miss it anymore. I’m not only an ambassador for the rewards but to share my passion: the festivals and the music with the people. Through the ambassador program I met amazing people that I can now call friends.

Martin (24), Ambassador from Austria
Ambassador Jonas

For me the ambassador program offers a better experience at the festival. Becoming an ambassador means becoming a (small) part of the festival. You connect with many different people and get a look behind the scenes, which is amazing for everyone who‘s into music and festivals. For me being an ambassador is way more than just selling cheaper tickets to my friends, it’s about connecting with people and partying together.

Jonas (24), Ambassador
Vega Awards Gold Winner 2023
Gold Winner 2023